We’re always too focused on making others “the right ones”; always imagining that “the right person” would do this and not do that. Do we ever ask ourselves if “we” are the right ones to certain people. Always seeing things from “your” perspective can mar your view of others.

We always want to find that “perfect person” for ourselves. Have you asked yourself if you’re perfect enough for who you’re looking for. Humans will always be selfish, the way I see things. It’s not bad to want good stuff; but are you good enough to earn it? Work on yourself before searching for one you think is “perfect for you”;

then you won’t have to look for the “right ones”. If you don’t deserve one, you simply won’t get one. It’s not called Karma for nothing. Life isn’t unfair, humans just make it seem so. They’re the ones responsible for how awful this world turned out: even God knows that. Fix yourself, before you go about searching for an already fixed and perfected person. It’s as simple as that.