Black Winged Cupid

the day i was born
i got wringed out, hurled out of a belly
like it wasn’t meant for me: ’cause it wasn’t.
mama’s scream wasn’t enough, i couldn’t even hear the doctors but

i heard something, felt skeletal flaps scrattle my nape.
i felt something else – angelic fingers clawing at my wrist,
getting stronger each time i breathed. each time i thought “it’s over” or
i didn’t think at all, i felt something gnawing at my pulse.
trying to part ways with something that loves me so much &
i’ve lost so much strength, so much blood. the baby fat on my cheeks
are shriveled to a toothless grin [an old lady’s].

i could drop these wings if i wanted, get rid of this umbilical cord tied
to my existence. i could…i.. could if i wanted to, r…right?
but someone wouldn’t stop screaming my name.


it’s not intra vires. not at all.

Published by Akubudike Deborah

a very determined writer (poet and lyricist), hoping to change the world positively with writing, public speaking, spoken word poetry, music (songwriting), dancing, and lots more. let's encourage each other and live the life we deserve 😇😇.

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