“Bad” Psyche

the world is a sensei. she likes to whip me while teaching,
like rough sex,
she likes it hard. she teaches how even the cosmo denies the galaxy
from sprouting from a sturdy palm
that’s constantly burned, daily. it’s all the same.


a little girl once told me
the carps splashing in the pond at her daddy’s backyard,
drank too much water – she said,
& died.
she whimpered, holding the fish like shards of glass,
like silver, lifeless, harmless confetti.
then she too, breathed too much air & choking on her breath,
she let the confetti strangle her. yes, like soft sex: whispering in her ears, going slowly
till everything felt unreal.

so you see, the world’s not all green:
our brains release toxins that produce colours
& when we’re dying, it lets us see the world
exactly as it is.

Published by Akubudike Deborah

a very determined writer (poet and lyricist), hoping to change the world positively with writing, public speaking, spoken word poetry, music (songwriting), dancing, and lots more. let's encourage each other and live the life we deserve 😇😇.

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