Fortune Teller

tell me a story,
a mishap
that happened in the ’90’s; or should happen.
don’t warn
don’t bless
don’t preach

to me, my future already,
is the fortune cookie i’ve stepped on so many times
in just a short time.
so hold your peace, close my eyes,
take a piece of me out of my mind
& see for yourself:

i know the fucking future.

i know, lies play a huge role in your incantations.
tell me a story of the past.
tell me,
what’ll happen next after a mother miscarries one who would’ve been a
stillborn; but she lay still, locked souls with the unseen
let herself be born –
someone said it’s god. i have no idea.

as for you, what do you think?

Published by Akubudike Deborah

a very determined writer (poet and lyricist), hoping to change the world positively with writing, public speaking, spoken word poetry, music (songwriting), dancing, and lots more. let's encourage each other and live the life we deserve 😇😇.

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