“those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace” – pain (from naruto).

  • my tomoe sees you:
    you jog then run; turn the crescent moon
    to a reflection
    of the upside down.
    you laugh; i laugh too
    not wanting to understand what i already feel: just a replica
    of the face you took
    from my face; that is
    you wore me so i
    wore you backwards
    to synchronize the heartbeats of the people who are dying yet,
    acting like it’s all
    child’s play and our feelings are
    mere toys with knives ready to strip us naked: aorta by aorta.
    like you won’t wake up one day and tell me, it’s over.
    but still, it won’t faze me: what i already know never
    haunts me, when i understand so well
    two opposite emotions trapped in a body:
    both, i’ve felt
    both, from you.