Red Flickering Eyes

in the night’s skya woodpecker kept hittingon an ivory tree one:dissipating lightphoton by photonfrom a man’s throat to a girl’s larynx. two:tying red rubber gloves to his rootswith hackneyed actions.lets father think he’s insane, holding a candle in broad daylight. … :there’s a vial of poisonwith an “elixir” labelhanging on the mast of another man’sContinue reading “Red Flickering Eyes”

The diary of a god’s failure

lips break likebroken lines exceptthere’s still an ellipsis:a beating heart; one dot after another,and zigzagson that groaning ecg. i don’t know whydon’t understand howa heart breaks itself, exceptthat i feel it all the time: that suffocating weightthat’s breaking the machine, connected to the fragilepart of me; it’s telling me,it’s enough already,your heartbeats’ beating me tooContinue reading “The diary of a god’s failure”

Outlander in Father’s House

pluck purple feathersfrom a brown bird: use its blood to write lettersto one who thinks of her – to no one. shoot green arrowsat the red apples of my father’s eyes. he doesn’t care though,don’t worry justdivide in twain – body & soul;take one with you: i don’t know which, houses antipathy. blue flesh.Continue reading “Outlander in Father’s House”

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