/there’s a body/struggling not to/
drown in a body/an ocean/at a state of unrest/and there’s/

[a] drew down/a drawbridge/
down/a path i never thought i’d cross/
that caused the dirt to speak, telling me, nne, not sleeping
would leave a strain on your forehead, green veins y’know/
veins, looking like the pathway to a house, i know/a path that had the nerve/
to kill God./

[b] let the breath in me/
give life to a man/call thunder from an altar/
speak in tongues/banish myself/
from an existence/give myself a chance to deprive myself/
of the solitude i always slept in./

[a] came/like the second coming/
of a land-wind, but/like Christ/
like God came down, for elijah/
burned a sacrifice/let his fire lick up/
the evidence of an existing death/
yea, you’re a god./

[b] blindfolded/a breath that gave you
redness of eyes/for drunkenness/
like the sleep i can’t have isn’t enough/to bury me, in that ocean.
/still, i’m wanted./
you spoke/created another world [for us]/with
your words/built nature, because/
you are god/except/i breathed in you./

[a] threw angels down the earth we left/gave unrest to hades/with only
a kiss we birthed another world; with just
touches/not like momma’s/but/like
we’re searching/for rest/for sleep/
in minds we stole./

[b] had a bath/
the way a mother washes her new born: carefully/except/
we’re still searching our bodies/not for answers/but questions/of
how a god survives mortality/the dark angels know the answer, that’s why they fell/
why; we use the word “fall” when we talk about love/why; we can’t sleep just yet. not yet. not just yet./not wanting to poke a night into day, yet/when there’s a fire, still burning/hotter than ever/
even lucifer knows, hell doesn’t burn
like us./