/there’s a body/struggling not to/drown in a body/an ocean/at a state of unrest/and there’s/you/ //(I)i[a] drew down/a drawbridge/down/a path i never thought i’d cross/that caused the dirt to speak, telling me, nne, not sleepingwould leave a strain on your forehead, green veins y’know/veins, looking like the pathway to a house, i know/a path that hadContinue reading “Insomnia”

Allegory of a Cave

From Plato’s definition, “love is a serious mental disease”; describing a romantic love. black hollow eyesand red irises dance wildlywaltz style, two by two in seven times two, i second that. gold darkness, tongues licking, flares hands locked, and satisfied fingers. naked hot bloody eaten frigging highexcuse my french. i’m drunk and torn from redContinue reading “Allegory of a Cave”

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