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Hi, I’m Debbie (ad_poet)! It’s my pleasure taking you on my poetry journey. I enjoy hiking, cycling, writing, singing and dancing. Do follow me on IG and Twitter: ad_poet, and watch out for more of my poetry adventures. Welcome!

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  • Insomnia
    /there’s a body/struggling not to/drown in a body/an ocean/at a state of unrest/and there’s/you/ //(I)i[a] drew down/a drawbridge/down/a path i never thought i’d cross/that caused the dirt to speak, telling me, nne, not sleepingwould leave a strain on your forehead, green veins y’know/veins, looking like the pathway to a house, i know/a path that hadContinue reading “Insomnia”
  • Sacrilege
    blasphemy’s cooking from a poor man’seyes, nose, lips;steaming hot. insipid steak on his tongue, he still thinks he’s not caught.he’s burning & he’s not burned alive.he has taken the priestly gift from the temple: he’s fearless [you think?].staining the wine cups, the gold dust,staining it with his uninvited entrance. “i’m not a sinner,….i was justContinue reading “Sacrilege”
  • Queendom
    In a village, a baby was born.With a rib stuck to her throat:a golden scepter to choose a prince. Akuko Ifo gave her a name,with a fairytale ending blending into royalty. A village eaten by ribbed men with a missing rib;but with just a rib she drew landmarks,cutting down trees with silent words in herContinue reading “Queendom”

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About Me

Hi, I’m Debbie! A writer (poet and lyricist) currently working on an EP and a chapbook. I enjoy a lot of things asides writing, and usually I spend time reading my Bible, philosophy, Greek mythologies, famous artists, etc. With a vision to change the world with words, I know deeply it requires a lot of effort (and time of course!), but eventually, I believe things would change for the better. I do wish for your support on this journey. Thank you.

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