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Hi, I’m Debbie (ad_poet)! It’s my pleasure taking you on my poetry journey. I enjoy hiking, cycling, writing, singing and dancing. Do follow me on IG and Twitter: ad_poet, and watch out for more of my poetry adventures. Welcome!

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  • What is death exactly?
    “It is not an end, but a beginning – of torture.” – ad_poet The end of living is the lack/loss of feeling; the end of breathing, the loss of consciousness. It is absolute nothingness. If I were to give it a name, it’d probably be “soufyn” which means “end of breathing” or “the breath’s end”Continue reading “What is death exactly?”
  • Bad Blood
    a bride walks down the aisle,staggers on one foot,& you can hear a poetstutter like her footsteps at every step.she hides her form underneath her veil,wears her father’s corpse on her facelike the holy candle praying for a future. when the piano starts to play, we can hear frogs croaking to an unfamiliar rhythm, fromdeepContinue reading “Bad Blood”
  • Bad Blood by ad_poet

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Hi, I’m Debbie! A writer (poet and lyricist) currently working on an EP and a chapbook. I enjoy a lot of things asides writing, and usually I spend time reading my Bible, philosophy, Greek mythologies, famous artists, etc. With a vision to change the world with words, I know deeply it requires a lot of effort (and time of course!), but eventually, I believe things would change for the better. I do wish for your support on this journey. Thank you.

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