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Hi, I’m Debbie (ad_poet)! It’s my pleasure taking you on my poetry journey. I enjoy hiking, cycling, writing, singing and dancing. Do follow me on IG and Twitter: ad_poet, and watch out for more of my poetry adventures. Welcome!

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  • Father Abraham
    you call me fatherbecausemy cathedral’s not farfrom yours. my definition of love has always beenthe same,still you claimto be my son. can you die?i mean,can you let me kill you?orcan you give a sacrificewithout letting your eyes burnthe nightmare of the carcass before you? can you love like me?oryou just call me fatherbecausemy cathedral’s notContinue reading “Father Abraham”
  • Nightmares and Daydreams
    sometimes the day isn’t as happy as…he thrusts in you, hard – pain ; even kills youmore than darkness would, more than fearmakes you surrender so you don’t ever forgetwho’s in charge, who makes you seeall your effing failures correctly. and those times, the night’s the only friendyou could cry to.
  • Allegory of a Cave
    From Plato’s definition, “love is a serious mental disease”; describing a romantic love. black hollow eyesand red irises dance wildlywaltz style, two by two in seven times two, i second that. gold darkness, tongues licking, flares hands locked, and satisfied fingers. naked hot bloody eaten frigging highexcuse my french. i’m drunk and torn from redContinue reading “Allegory of a Cave”

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Hi, I’m Debbie! A writer (poet and lyricist) currently working on an EP and a chapbook. I enjoy a lot of things asides writing, and usually I spend time reading my Bible, philosophy, Greek mythologies, famous artists, etc. With a vision to change the world with words, I know deeply it requires a lot of effort (and time of course!), but eventually, I believe things would change for the better. I do wish for your support on this journey. Thank you.

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