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Hi, I’m Debbie (ad_poet)! It’s my pleasure taking you on my poetry journey. I enjoy hiking, cycling, writing, singing and dancing. Do follow me on IG and Twitter: ad_poet, and watch out for more of my poetry adventures. Welcome!

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  • The diary of a god’s failure
    lips break likebroken lines exceptthere’s still an ellipsis:a beating heart; one dot after another,and zigzagson that groaning ecg. i don’t know whydon’t understand howa heart breaks itself, exceptthat i feel it all the time: that suffocating weightthat’s breaking the machine, connected to the fragilepart of me; it’s telling me,it’s enough already,your heartbeats’ beating me tooContinue reading “The diary of a god’s failure”
  • Fortune Teller
    tell me a story,a mishapthat happened in the ’90’s; or should happen.don’t warndon’t blessdon’t preach to me, my future already,is the fortune cookie i’ve stepped on so many timesin just a short time.so hold your peace, close my eyes,take a piece of me out of my mind& see for yourself: i know the fucking future.Continue reading “Fortune Teller”
  • Fractured Lights
    Originally posted on Frayed Words:
    Their wails can be heard from the depths of the ocean of despair They are walking carcasses, ghouls, spectres created by misfortune Withered and lost, they tread amongst bones For the drought is all they know and salvation is not their goal They blunder in the darkness Their embers have…

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Hi, I’m Debbie! A writer (poet and lyricist) currently working on an EP and a chapbook. I enjoy a lot of things asides writing, and usually I spend time reading my Bible, philosophy, Greek mythologies, famous artists, etc. With a vision to change the world with words, I know deeply it requires a lot of effort (and time of course!), but eventually, I believe things would change for the better. I do wish for your support on this journey. Thank you.

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