/there’s a body/struggling not to/
drown in a body/an ocean/at a state of unrest/and there’s/

[a] drew down/a drawbridge/
down/a path i never thought i’d cross/
that caused the dirt to speak, telling me, nne, not sleeping
would leave a strain on your forehead, green veins y’know/
veins, looking like the pathway to a house, i know/a path that had the nerve/
to kill God./

[b] let the breath in me/
give life to a man/call thunder from an altar/
speak in tongues/banish myself/
from an existence/give myself a chance to deprive myself/
of the solitude i always slept in./

[a] came/like the second coming/
of a land-wind, but/like Christ/
like God came down, for elijah/
burned a sacrifice/let his fire lick up/
the evidence of an existing death/
yea, you’re a god./

[b] blindfolded/a breath that gave you
redness of eyes/for drunkenness/
like the sleep i can’t have isn’t enough/to bury me, in that ocean.
/still, i’m wanted./
you spoke/created another world [for us]/with
your words/built nature, because/
you are god/except/i breathed in you./

[a] threw angels down the earth we left/gave unrest to hades/with only
a kiss we birthed another world; with just
touches/not like momma’s/but/like
we’re searching/for rest/for sleep/
in minds we stole./

[b] had a bath/
the way a mother washes her new born: carefully/except/
we’re still searching our bodies/not for answers/but questions/of
how a god survives mortality/the dark angels know the answer, that’s why they fell/
why; we use the word “fall” when we talk about love/why; we can’t sleep just yet. not yet. not just yet./not wanting to poke a night into day, yet/when there’s a fire, still burning/hotter than ever/
even lucifer knows, hell doesn’t burn
like us./


blasphemy’s cooking from a poor man’s
eyes, nose, lips;
steaming hot. insipid steak on his tongue, he still thinks he’s not caught.
he’s burning &
he’s not burned alive.
he has taken the priestly gift from the temple: he’s fearless [you think?].
staining the wine cups, the gold dust,
staining it with his uninvited entrance.

“i’m not a sinner,….
i was just hungry”

he tells the priest, like it’s a game [i mean, we’re all hungry too – we’re humans for christ’s sake!]: like it’s a bet made with friends on
who’s fearless enough to stain a cathedral bright red without
calling down a curse on himself.
still, he pricks the meat hard
& watches it bleed (unmoved), until he’s unable to wash his hands.

until his sins are too many to escape the curse.


art by Ortega Missouri

In a village, a baby was born.
With a rib stuck to her throat:
a golden scepter to choose a prince.

Akuko Ifo gave her a name,
with a fairytale ending blending into royalty.

A village eaten by ribbed men with a missing rib;
but with just a rib she drew landmarks,
cutting down trees with silent words in her Eze’s throat.
Humble in pride, she winnows her will.

She’s Lolo.
Eze’s name clinging to hers because her blood blindfolded him.
She tells him, “Obim, I feel hot”. And he brings a fan.
A fan that blows his crown into her hands.

When her licensed scepter speaks silently, then we hear him growling,
Oya, send him out of here!”; then someone dies.
But the Lolo still sits quietly like the queen she is.
They don’t see her, so they only ask, “Where is the King?”.

With tiny beads on her tiny waist and a dignified ring,
she rubs her palms on her husband’s sweaty face
and asks him to scream, “Igbo Kwenu!”.

“Yah!”, comes the response;
with no idea that the “invisible” Lolo
dominates the Eze’s crown.

Copy Wheel Eye

“those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace” – pain (from naruto).

  • my tomoe sees you:
    you jog then run; turn the crescent moon
    to a reflection
    of the upside down.
    you laugh; i laugh too
    not wanting to understand what i already feel: just a replica
    of the face you took
    from my face; that is
    you wore me so i
    wore you backwards
    to synchronize the heartbeats of the people who are dying yet,
    acting like it’s all
    child’s play and our feelings are
    mere toys with knives ready to strip us naked: aorta by aorta.
    like you won’t wake up one day and tell me, it’s over.
    but still, it won’t faze me: what i already know never
    haunts me, when i understand so well
    two opposite emotions trapped in a body:
    both, i’ve felt
    both, from you.


by deviantart

a volume of air begins to strike, hits a body –
like pebbles, like stones,
like rocks or fossils of an ancient man.

softly. slowly.
handcuffs are placed on wrists, like sweet kisses.
then, strongly. swiftly.
a man is dragged out like a prisoner from his own country;
& he lands on his head.

such treachery with an identical feel of the air,
a gentle breeze singing in the ears of one who is not patriotic.
strong winds move his limbs to do the unthinkable,

an appealing hurricane: a few swearwords at the president,
stain the country’s flag with vomit,
hurl something at the “important man’s” statue;

start a crisis, no, a war with your own people.
& let aeolus
drive your feet to the guillotine. there are no last words when the liver is gone.

“at the count of three
hold your breath.”

Red Flickering Eyes

in the night’s sky
a woodpecker kept hitting
on an ivory tree

dissipating light
photon by photon
from a man’s throat to a girl’s larynx.

tying red rubber gloves to his roots
with hackneyed actions.
lets father think he’s insane, holding a candle in broad daylight.

… :
there’s a vial of poison
with an “elixir” label
hanging on the mast of another man’s beard

  • a man hanging upside down
    in a beating heart is gulping it down.
    so when the red light stops blinking
    we’re free to assume, he’s resting

because he’s tired.

The diary of a god’s failure

lips break like
broken lines except
there’s still an ellipsis:
a beating heart; one dot after another,
and zigzags
on that groaning ecg.

i don’t know why
don’t understand how
a heart breaks itself, except
that i feel it all the time: that suffocating weight
that’s breaking the machine, connected to the fragile
part of me; it’s telling me,
it’s enough already,
your heartbeats’ beating me too hard
breaking us to a straight line.

a 180° line i wish to turn into the afterlife;
away from these lying doctors whispering to my patched up body,

it’s okay, keep breathing…. okay
keep living, yea:

how can one
b..breathe when the heart
has finally agreed to kill itself?!
how can you
t..tell me to grow old in a cage w..when i can release myself?!
is it love? selfishness?

one has to leave when
one has to when
the earth doesn’t remember you but is ready to welcome you back
despite your epic failure, your disobedience to the doctors, the
resonance of when God told the first humans,
you must return to this dust;

because a god
never dies.

Fortune Teller

tell me a story,
a mishap
that happened in the ’90’s; or should happen.
don’t warn
don’t bless
don’t preach

to me, my future already,
is the fortune cookie i’ve stepped on so many times
in just a short time.
so hold your peace, close my eyes,
take a piece of me out of my mind
& see for yourself:

i know the fucking future.

i know, lies play a huge role in your incantations.
tell me a story of the past.
tell me,
what’ll happen next after a mother miscarries one who would’ve been a
stillborn; but she lay still, locked souls with the unseen
let herself be born –
someone said it’s god. i have no idea.

as for you, what do you think?

Fractured Lights

Frayed Words

Their wails can be heard from the depths of the ocean of despair

They are walking carcasses, ghouls, spectres created by misfortune

Withered and lost, they tread amongst bones

For the drought is all they know and salvation is not their goal

They blunder in the darkness

Their embers have been quenched, they may not rise again


You know what you see, yet you claim to be blind

You say you are whole, yet you move as one fractured

It is undeniable that you have fallen

You walk on shards of broken dreams and eat the crumbs of shattered hopes

Tears are your master in this nightmare you call a daydream

Your strength is failing in the light of your weaknesses


We have fissures in our hearts, cuts in our spirits

Hope is not in us as our dreams dash at our feet

We hope to rise, we…

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